RyanEyes – Data Monitoring for Asset Managers


RyanEyes monitors compliance obligations across all systems of your firm; email, trading and back office. Whether monitoring emails, suspicious trading activity or position or concentration limits on your portfolio holdings, RyanEyes employs a workflow to track and integrate them all.



Data Monitor Features

Integration Points

  • Trading Systems including
    • Eze Castle
    • Moxy
    • Bloomberg AIM
  • Email; including the ability to monitor for email
  • Social Media; Linked In
  • Global Relay
  • Website Scraping
  • MS SQL Server
  • Hadoop
  • Apache Spark
  • Mongo DB

Compliance Rules

  • Form PF
  • 12d Rules
  • Portfolio Concentration limits
  • Side Letter Compliance Tracking
  • Easy- business users can operate
  • Real time notification monitoring process
    • (email, text, visual alerts)
  • Index Concentration limits
  • Country Concentration to an Index
  • Shares Outstanding limits
  • Hard and Soft Triggers
  • Country Filing Compliance