Experts in asset management systems, bespoke software development, implementations and business workflows


Project Management Approach and Ethos

Honesty We believe in approaching any project with an honest assessment of the over project goals, risks and payoff. If we are not the right consulting partners for you, we will let you know before we begin the engagement. along with honesty is the emphasis on mitigating fears about being honest

Risk Mitigation Hand in hand with honesty comes the ability to identify and mitigate the risks for project. These risks include more common risks such as resourcing and timelines and more nuanced risks like team commitment and goal misalliances. We can gently but firmly identify these key internal risks to any project.

Project Design Principles The planning phase is the most critical phase of any project. We have "Design Principles" to drive project success. These include:

  • Over-Communication All stakeholders should be present for goal setting along with task creation. The Project should be structured with a project manager who naturally over-communicates.

  • Interdependency Mitigation Interdependent tasks and goals should be separated wherever possible. If it is not possible to separate interdependent tasks, then a "Trial" or "Parallel" phase should be conducted to confirm likelihood of success.

  • Hypothesis and Testing We use an objective, goals based approach employing SMART principles; Specific criteria for success, Measurable and objective results, Attainable goals with Realistic expectations and Time bracketed goals and tasks.

  • Pilot Phase we are strong believers in using a Pilot Phase where all assumptions are tested; including key assumptions about high risk elements of the project. The sooner you know that something is wrong, the better you can address it and avoid unnecessary costs, delays and redundant effort.

  • "Minimum Viable Goals" In software, the term, "Minimum Viable Product" is a term used to determine what is the minimum required to make a software product viable. We borrowed from this term to describe a way to mitigate what we call "Goal Overloading". Goal Overloading refers to the risk inherent in any human endeavor to get (obtain) as much out of a given effort as possible. From a project perspective, Goal Overloading or "goal creep" often risks delaying or killing a project. Setting "Minimum Viable Goals" reduces the risk of project failure.


Portfolio of Consulting Projects


Technical Consulting

  • Configuration of real time redundant back up within AWS environment

  • AWS, Azure and Softlayer configuration

  • System moves between Data Centers

  • Configuration and Hosting of Geneva Servers within AWS, Azure or Softlayer

  • Opportunistic acquisition of AWS servers on the Server Spot market for Ethereum mining

  • Excel Optimization

  • Angular 1 through 6

  • Android, iOS App Creation

  • C# is our preferred development platform

  • Hadoop with Geneva Accounting Data sets

  • Mongo DB, Apache Spark

Asset Management - Business Consulting

  • Creation of Bespoke Fixed Income Trade Capture System

  • IBOR System Analysis and Selection for an ETF Provider

  • Workflow Analysis for ETF Shadow accounting

  • IOPV (IIV) creation

  • Compliance Rules -

    • 12d1 rules, 13F, 13G, Form PF

    • Country Filing compliance

    • Side Letter tracking

    • Concentration Checks

  • Workflow Analysis for Broker Commission tracking

  • Attribution of Fund Expenses to Strategies

  • FX Hedging and Exposure

  • Tax Advantaged Trading

  • Cost of Carry Reporting