Watch anything within your organization with a second set of eyes

and link all data in one coordinated workflow




ryaneyes workflow

Track any workflow that an Asset Manager performs. Schedule tasks and workflows that integrate with automated jobs and outside third parties



ryaneyes Collimate

 Integrates with your accounting system, trading system to give up to date risk and exposure reporting


ryaneyes data monitor

Monitor any data point that changes whether inside or external to your firm. Exposure, Compliance, Other Websites or alternative data sources.

RyanEyes Workflow


Checklists are a management tool that provide transparency and accountability into the workflows that comprise the critical processes of your business. Watch whole processes, individual tasks or even specific data point from within our checklists. Seamlessly integrate scheduled jobs with manual workflows.



RyanEyes Collimate


Sophisticated Business Intelligence tools to scrutinize Risk, Exposure and External Reporting. Integrates with R, Power BI, SQL Server and Hadoop



RyanEyes – Data Monitoring for Asset Managers


RyanEyes monitors compliance obligations across all systems of your firm; email, trading and back office. Whether monitoring emails, suspicious trading activity or position or concentration limits on your portfolio holdings, RyanEyes employs a workflow to track and integrate them all.



Data Monitor Features

Integration Points

  • Trading Systems including
    • Eze Castle
    • Moxy
    • Bloomberg AIM
  • Email; including the ability to monitor for email
  • Social Media; Linked In
  • Global Relay
  • Website Scraping
  • MS SQL Server
  • Hadoop
  • Apache Spark
  • Mongo DB

Compliance Rules

  • Form PF
  • 12d Rules
  • Portfolio Concentration limits
  • Side Letter Compliance Tracking
  • Easy- business users can operate
  • Real time notification monitoring process
    • (email, text, visual alerts)
  • Index Concentration limits
  • Country Concentration to an Index
  • Shares Outstanding limits
  • Hard and Soft Triggers
  • Country Filing Compliance